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LED backup lighting




  • Dimensions 240(w)x270(h)x90(d)
  • Weight +/- 4KG
  • Max output 12V DC 10A
  • Standby Time 4 to 90 hours
  • Charging Time 24H
  • Energy saving technology
  • Fast charge and Trickle charge
  • Fused outputs
  • IP 43 SABS approved enclosure
  • IEC approved charger
  • Water resistant
  • Capacity 20ah lead acid deep cycle battery
  • 120deg LED super bright LED’s


  • Control unit R900ex
  • Battery cost dpends on size
  • LED Strips R150incl


  • Emergency backup lighting
  • Interior decorating
  • Off site advertising
  • Security ‘Light at night’
  • 12V supply for IT equipment
  • ATM and other cash devices
  • Pool and underwater features


  • Darkness sensors
  • Zone control
  • Solar charging capability
  • Programmable timers
  • Additional external battery
  • Remote control



led waterproof strip

reel of leds





12V inline UPS backup and LED emergency backup lighting supply

What is the E-LED/UPS  “Fresh-com” product from BIAS?

This E-LED/UPS  control box is a 12V backup system mainly designed for the retail, hospitality and advertising industry. It has 2 primary functions.

  1. It is a fully automatic hands free switch on switch off system when the power fails ensuring lights or devices are always on. (Emergency Backup mode)
  2. It will act as an inline UPS for 12V electronic products that need to stay on for long periods of time (up to 80hours for low current applications)


The system has also been designed to include the following secondary requirements.

  1. Darkness monitor (only enable backup power when it is dark)
  2. Can except additional battery packs up to 80Ah (special request)
  3. Can use any existing 12V PSU adapter and transform it into a UPS (plug and play solution)


  LED automation LED home lighting LED backup lighting

  Technical specification write-up

The Enclosure (Made in South Africa)

The enclosure can hold the following combination of standby lead acid batteries.

12V 5AH (short period with low power requirements, cheaper )
12V 7Ah(short period with med to high current requirements, entry level)
12V 20Ah/24Ah (long periods med to high current requirements, Upper level)
It is an IP65 SABS tested enclosure, and is water resistant. The enclosure can be wall mounted.

The unit is equipped with one master switch which is only used during transport of the unit or when in storage. It consists of a figure 8 AC input connector with cable. The output is gold plated banana terminal posts. The UPS function of the unit is two female DC barrel connectors marked 12V in and 12V out.

80AH-150AH unit (on the left) with external battery, 7AH to 24AH unit on the right.


NB: The enclosure can be ordered with faceplates of your own company logo and target market specifications.

 The control PCB.  (Designed and manufactured in South Africa)

This PCB is the heart of the unit and monitors the 220Vac in power. When the power fails it automatically switches over to the 12V battery. The PCB can handle a max current of 10A and has a fused output. It also has a low dropout voltage monitor build in which won’t leave your lead acid flat after prolonged power outages. It will automatically disconnect the load when the battery voltage drops below a preset point. The low voltage circuit also has anti ‘hunting’ intelligence meaning it will not switch the load back on until the battery is charged to the desired upper threshold. The PCB also consists of an energy saving circuit improving the dropout relay lifespan and ensures that maximum power is delivered to the load rather than the control thereof. Finally the PCB consist of a optional darkness monitor circuit, which will prohibit the load or LEDs being switched on when there is enough ambient light,  thus keeping its battery power for total darkness.

The unit is available in 12V 7Ah (Entry level), 12C 24AH (Medium level) and 12V 150 AH (Heavy weight).

The following enclosures goes well with our LED flexi lights and backup system

VERY popular




LED applications and uses
Kitchen LED light Bar LED light BAr shelf LED
staircase led backup entertainment led mobile and portable led lights
security backup led hotel backup led total power backup led
decorating led led colour strips

BIAS Consultants is launching their exciting new backup LED lighting system. This new inovative system is designed and build in South Africa by BIAS. This system is sold as a full solution or as a DIY kit. It was developed especially for the retail and hospitality industry to safe guard against incidences that may occur due to power outages, (e.g. customer accidents, theft or/and panic exits). Besides using this devices for emergency backup lighting, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as home security ideal for “light at night” at no extra cost, entertainment and garden lighting with multiple LED colour to create a unique atmosphere just to name a few. The system is ideal for shows, displays or exibits where a mobile power led source is required.

The systems is completely automatic and easy to install. It utilizes new energy saving technology, to ensure long life cycles of batteries, components and LED strips. There are currently a variaty of LED strips and spots available, all custom designed.  The green energy cell will turn the LED strips “ON” when the power trips and will switch them “OFF” when the power comes back on line, recharging. The unit uses trickle charge technology to keep a 17Ah battery charged.  Duration of the lights mostly depends mostly on the amount and wattage of LED strips used. For small dwellings like low cost housing and normal living rooms 1 LED strip will be sufficient and can last up to 7 days with a full charge.

The unit can also be fitted with a day night sensor, 12V car lighter outlit and a additional external battery outlet.


LED 12V supply

There are currently a variety of LED strips and spot lights available, all custom designed.

Duration varies depending on the number of LED strips used, e.g. for a restaurant with different levels, 20 strips will give enough light for up to 5 hours.

2 year carry in warranty on control box and LED lights, 1 year warranty on battery

It is much safer than candles and other open flame lighting solutions




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