BIAS stocks and supplies a variety of back light lamps for all sizes and LCD types. We can fit new lamps to almost any LCD desktop or laptop. Back light lamp sizes include 8.4", 10",12.1"15",17",19"

We can also fit back lights to your all in one point of sale equipment. IBM, HP, Pro line, Hero etc etc

The signs for back light failure on equipment is easily recognizable. The LCD will switch on for a second then switch off, the display will have a reddish glow to it or the LCD will be brighter on the top or bottom end.

Do not confuse back light failure with inverter failure. If one lamps failed or are in the process of failing the inverter will switch itself off. Inverter failure is normally evident on the PCB. Other signs like a flickering display or display switching on and of can also relate back to inverter failure..

We stock replacement inverters generic and OEM. Specialised products for the manufacturing and mining industry may need a replacement inverter which we can rewire to work.

Contact any of our technical staff to discuss solutions for your display problem.


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BIAS Specialise in Information technology, ATM and Point of sale.We sell IT equipment to small medium and large business . We design prototypes and manufacture cables.We provide solutions to exceptional problems.We repair electronic IT equioment.

What we can do for you

We can provide cost effective solutions at competitive prices.We sell new and refurbished printers, displays, laptops, projectors and scanners.We specialise in touch screens. We can source and manufacture specialised solutions for specific problems you face on a day to day basis but dont have the time to attend to.

What makes us different

Bias consist of qualified electronic field engineers and technicians with a degree or diploma, A+ or MCSE. We have project engineers, electronic design engineers, point of sale specialists and consultants.

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Electronic tips and tricks for field and lab technicians

  1. Keep fans clean and service them regularly
  2. Look for swollen capacitors.
  3. Power supplies do give rise to erratic problems, check the supply voltages.
  4. Clean touch panels regularly they will give calibration problems especially infra red and surface acoustic wave technologies.