Intelli touch

Intel touch is the newer touch technology of touch systems. Principle of operation is SAW basically four intellitransducers situated in the corners of the panel. The transducers transmits acoustic waves across the panel in a grid form. Breaking these beams with a finger or object results in a touch. These screens are not suitable in dirty environments. They don't like dust dirt or grim as it tend to build up at the bottom of the screen blocking the surface acoustic waves (SAW)


Accutouch is robust and can be resistive or capacitive and comes in four and 5 wire configurations. The technology relies on a plastic overlay separated by a tiny grid of dot spacers. Pushing down on the plastic membrane results in a touch condition. This technology is extremely robust and works well in oily and dusty environments.

Infra Red

Infra red panels are the more robust of the touch technologies. Infra red transmitters and receivers send beams across the screen. This technology is often used where units needs to be waterproof. There is often a red infra red bezel visible between the touch panel and front bezel.infra red

TIP: Always clean your SAW and IR touch panels as dust, dirt and oil will reduce efficiency and cause calibration errors.


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Electronic tips and tricks for field and lab technicians

  1. Keep fans clean and service them regularly
  2. Look for swollen capacitors.
  3. Power supplies do give rise to erratic problems, check the supply voltages.
  4. Clean touch panels regularly they will give calibration problems especially infra red and surface acoustic wave technologies.